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      In modern day existence you can boil almost any question about human actions down to two answers. 

      LOVE or MONEY.  Not to be confused with the love of money but of the actual tool that money is.

      There are 5 things a human needs to survive on planet earth. 

      Air, Water, Food, Shelter, Love 

      Air allows our heart to keep beating, Water and food satisfy the bodies needs and shelter keeps us from harmful elements. If we have each of these, we could sit and stare into the universe everyday while life runs its course. 
      With Love we allow the soul to feel, without love I am not sure the soul would last.

      So, if Air and Love are the two things in today’s modern society that are still truly free, that leaves water, food, and shelter costing someone. What if we could ensure that each youth could start to understand how those are paid for. Once these basic human needs are met, it allows time for us to educate ourselves. 

      The wealth gap is real, poverty and the struggle to meet our basic needs is real for so many. It is our intention at the Mentor Empire to start educating our next generation on how to be self-sufficient. If by sharing our love to help those less fortunate, we can join together in providing the tools.  We want to stop handing out Band-Aids, we will start delivering $ tools to the next generation. We will partner and support other programs that teach and promote love.  With these two fundamentals we can start changing the world. 

      Mentor Empire spends 75% of our net profits on setting up investment accounts for the youth. For every $500 spent with our company we will engage with and mentor another youth. Providing a new $150 investment brokerage account through either Charles Schwab or Robin Hood. We will connect them and their parents with a Mentor to walk them through the basics.  

      Our demographic is 16-24 years of age. 
      For anyone under 18 years of age, we will setup custodial accounts parents have control of. We are working towards age 14 as that is the start of one’s ability to earn income for themselves in the State of Nevada. 

      We will run a public ledger sent to all who sign up, a running total of how many new accounts and young adults have benefited. If you have a youth interested in learning about investing for their future, or you would like to Mentor please contact us. 


      Chad Taylor 
      Mentor Empire - Founder / CEO