Wear, Participate or Promote its your choice


The Taylor Foundation - Chad Taylor Story from chad taylor on Vimeo.

What is the “Mentor Empire”?

It is a social lifestyle and product brand aimed at educating and inspiring others.
It is the dedication of every individual living a life that others can respect and emulate.
It is giving knowledge and time and support to help others.
It is striving everyday to be the very best version of yourself.


Inspired by Experience

Mentor is a message that uses it's profits to encourage mentoring.

When you wear and gift Mentor, you make better decisions.
When you receive mentor products you are recognized for your involvement in human kindness and the education of others.
We chose apparel and products after countless case studies proved, receiving, wearing or gifting mentor products help people connect and inspire others. 


    Join us!

    •    Promote the Mentor Empire with friends and families. Gift Mentor to the people who made a difference in your life. Share on social media or contact us too see what other programs we are supporting.

    •     Wear Mentor products. When you wear Mentor it sends positive affirmations to all around you. This changes not only the way you interact with others, but how others react to you. 



    Chad Taylor