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      We have partnered with the Clark County School District to provide inspirational pre recorded messages to CCSD students.

      Five minutes of your time/story could last a lifetime for someone else. 
      The most difficult part is Step 1.filling out CCSD's Mentor application. 

      It requires some open and honest answers, answers that may be difficult to share, maybe you never really wanted anyone to know. While CCSD will keep your information private, they do need to understand a little about you before letting you speak directly to the youth of Clark County. It is protection for all of our children. 

      We do know this, open, honest, authentic humans no matter their background are some of the most powerful mentors in the world. It was the trials and tribulations that got you where you are. It is your story and or knowledge that could connect and inspire those seeking answers. 

      So I humbly ask, step up, join in, be the change and help us send inspiring messages that provide quality information to the next generation.

      Until I opened up about my life, I only talked about the good I could do. 
      Once I shared my story, I actually started doing the good. 

      Either start right away by completing the three steps below 
      or use the contact form at the bottom of this page to reach out if you have more questions.  

      It takes 10 minutes to fill out the forms and five minutes of your time talking about one of CCSD suggested topics. Mentor Empire will provide a safe, sanitized recording room located in the heart of Las Vegas, all you have to do is show up and give us five minutes. 



      Chad Taylor 
      Mentor Empire - Founder / CEO 




      How To Provide Mentor Messages and/or Become A Mentor

      Step 1: CCSD Stay In School Mentor Application

      This link will appear as though you are applying with CCSD for employment. You are not, they are just using the same system as they do for teachers. You do not need to upload a resume. - Click save and continue to pass by that page and continue to answer the questions related to safety of students.  

      Step 2: SISMP Mentor Interest Form

      This form is directly related to the Stay in School Mentor Messages program and will be used to contact you directly once you schedule a video meet on the below link. 

      Step 3: Schedule Your New Mentor Interview
      (please complete application before booking interview)


      Not quite ready and need to know more.


      (this is not an exhaustive list)

      ● Self Esteem
      ● Anxiety
      ● Anger Management
      ● Growth Mindset
      ● Financial Literacy
      ● Stress Management
      ● Meditation
      ● Self Care
      ● Importance of graduating from High School
      ● Hobbies
          ○ Camping
          ○ Reading
          ○ Music
          ○ Board Games
          ○ Movies
          ○ Sports
          ○ Biking
          ○ Cooking
          ○ Arts & Crafts
          ○ Relaxation
          ○ Nature
          ○ Swimming
          ○ Cars
          ○ Etc ….
      ● What you do for a living and why you chose to do it
      ● Hygiene
      ● Business (how to start a business)
      ● College Life
      ● Trade Schools
      ● Life after High School (if college / school isn’t what you want)
      ● How to get good grades
      ● Study Tips
      ● How to get scholarships
      ● Any appropriate topic you’d like to discuss …

      Mentor Empire is always here to answer questions. Feel free to contact us below.